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1. Both cranks will be labelled ‘R’ and ‘L’ with a direction

2. Both pedals will be labelled with a ‘R’ and ‘L’


3. Make sure the pedals are aligned straight to the crank


Good – You may see blue paint on a new pedal thread

Good – No silver marks or scratches and the bumps of the thread clearly seen

Bad – Silver scratches and a smooth thread


To attach the pedals the right side should be turned clockwise and the left side anticlockwise. 

To take off the pedals the right side should be turned anticlockwise and the left side clockwise. 

The pedals and the crank can cross thread if:

The pedal thread and crank are not aligned correctly

The wrong pedal is attached to the incorrect side

The pedals have been screwed in the incorrect way


For further instructions on how to remove your crank please see the crank removal document found in the support centre via the JLL website.