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1 x Multi Tool Spanner                                   1 x 8 mm Allen Key



1. Start by locating the left and right bolt both will be labelled

2. Both pedals will also be labelled ‘R’ and ‘L’

3. Make sure to align the bolt to the crank there should be no silver marks

4. Left – cross thread / right – normal


Right and left labels will be found on the bolts, pedals and crank arms.

If the bolt is not aligned correctly this will cause the bolt and crank arm to cross thread. 

Turn the right bolt anticlockwise

Turn the left bolt clockwise

Turn the right nut clockwise

Turn the left nut anticlockwise

Unfortunately, cross threading is not covered under warranty due to it being an assembly issue and not a manufacturing fault. 

Any replacement parts if necessary can be purchased through JLL Fitness.