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When inserting the batteries make sure they are the correct way round



The monitor will display every setting automatically

To set the time/distance etc. press ‘MODE’ until your chosen setting flashes, then press ‘UP’ or ‘DOWN’

On calories press ‘UP’ to change the setting to temp and you can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit


To input your own specific details press ‘BODY FAT’ you can input up to 8 different details

Press ‘MODE’ and the weight will flash, then input your weight by pressing ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’

Press ‘MODE’ again and the height will display, use the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ to change the digits


Press ‘MODE’ again and the age will display, use ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ to change the digits

Press ‘MODE’ again the the gender will flash, use ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ to change the icon


If your monitor is not displaying any readings some things to check are;

1. The wires connected during assembly are securely clipped together

2. The pins at the end of the wires are not bent in any way

3. The wires are not caught in the frame