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1 x Multi Tool                                 1 x Multi Tool Spanner                       1 x Crank Removal Tool



1. Start by removing the left side bolt securing the swing arm

2. Remove the left rear stabiliser bolt

3. Remove all the screws from the left side

4. Once the casing is off remove the cap from the centre of the flywheel

5. Using the crank removal tool insert the silver end

6. Turn the tool anticlockwise

7. Insert the black end and turn clockwise

8. Remove the left side wheel

9. Push up the magnets and screw the bottom nut clockwise down the thread

10. Now screw the top nut clockwise down the thread


Make sure to remove the left swing arm before removing the casing. 

If you are finding it difficult to turn the bolts then a pair of pliers should be used. 

The pliers and crank removal tool are not a part of the assembly kit.