The IC200 Pro comes equipped with a 5-function monitor which includes a tablet stand for devices while you train. The easy to reach pulse sensors plates allow you to monitor your heart rate during your workout with minimal effort.

IC200 PRO MONITORAs you exercise, the bike keeps track of the following data:

  1. Time: The total time you have been working out. Display time as hours: minutes.
  2. Speed: Your current speed, displayed in kilometres per hour (km/h).
  3. Distance: The total accumulated distance, in kilometres during your workout.
  4. Calories: The total accumulated calories burned during your workout.
  5. Pulse: Your current pulse rate during your workout.
  • Scan Mode: Displays each function continuously one after another.


Set up

When inserting the batteries make sure they are the correct way round and the pulse rate sensor wire is connected


The monitor will automatically be in ‘SCAN’ mode

To exit ‘SCAN’ mode press the single button on the monitor, continuously press the button until the desired metric is showing along the bottom. Once you have gone through each mode, the monitor will start at scan mode again.

To reset the monitor press and hold the single button until all the zero’s flash



If your monitor is not displaying any readings some things to check are:

  1. The wires connected during assembly are securely clipped together
  2. The pins at the end of the wires are nit bent in any way


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