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1 x Multi Tool                               1 x 5mm Allen Key



1. Start by removing the screws in the casing

2. Underneath should look like this

3. Turn the resistance all the way up

4. Loosen both bolts either side of the magnets

5. There will be room to move the magnets up and down

6. DO NOT let the magnets rest on the flywheel

7. Tighten the bolts back up on either side and replace the casing


Make sure there is no movement once the bolts have been tightened back up. 

If the magnets touch the flywheel this can cause damage and will create a scraping sound. 

Make sure the sensor cable does not get caught under the magnets. 

The 5mm allen key does not come with the assembly kit however, pliers can be used instead or a 5mm allen key can be purchased at most tool retailers.