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There are no tools required for testing the pulse plates


  1. Place both hands on the plates
  2. If only your fingers are on the plates the pulse will not be read
  3. The heart symbol should flash on the monitor and the digits should change


Always use dry hands on the plates, minor sweat is not an issue.

The pulse will not show if there is only one hand on the plates.

You must hold your palms down on the plates for a few seconds before the pulse will read.

The pulse will be read in PPM (Pulsations Per Minute) NOT BPM (Beats Per Minute)! This cannot be changed!

Please note, there isn’t a direct ratio between BPM and PPM as the two figures can differ depending on the individual. BPM measures the amount of times the heart contracts whereas PPM measures the rate of palpable blood pressure increasing throughout the body. Every individual’s heart is different therefore will pump blood around the body at different rates.