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1 x Allen Key


Is My Running Belt Loose?

One way of checking is to:

1. Place your feet on either side of the treadmill

2. Set the speed between 1-2 kph (Kilometres Per Hour)

3. Try to stop the belt using your feet whilst holding onto the handrails

If the belt stops this means it is too loose, if not your belt is tight enough.

A second way of checking is to:

1. Look at the gap between the running belt and the running board

2. The belt should be between 5-6 mm

If the gap is smaller then your belt it too loose.

How to Tighten the Running Belt

1. Start by switching off the power to the treadmill

2. Locate the top bolts at the end of the treadmill

3. Using the allen key turn the bolts quarter by quarter

4. Test the belt after each turn and make sure to reciprocate each turn on either bolt


Make sure not to over stretch the belt when tightening

How to Align the Belt

The gap between the frames and the belt should be approximately 5-6 mm, if not the way to connect this is to:

1. Set the speed of the treadmill between 2-3 kph

2. Using the same bolts as in the previous stage, slowly turn each one

3. If the belt is aligned to the left, adjust the left bolt clockwise or adjust the right bolt counter clockwise

4. Visa versa if the belt is aligned to the right

5. Keep checking the gap between the frames and the belt as you do this

6. Once complete run the treadmill at 6 kph for a few minutes to make sure the belt remains in the centre